Hello Friends, So Today’s topic will going to be on the extremely rare category old coin, i.e. 50 Paise Coins . So, Today we will be discussing on 50 Paise coins of year 1957 & 1959. So, let us know about the special features of this coin and how it became rare we will discuss everything in this article. So, if you are a coin collector or a seller and want to get genuine knowledge about rare and most valuable coins then we welcomes you, please do like our Page. Because Here through this Page we share 100% Genuine Knowledge about the old Rare coins, Antique coins, Medals, Notes, Commemorative Coins, UNC & Proof sets etc.

Here, you will get to know, the minor to minor information related to coins and Notes. As you all know that in today’s time, in many YouTube videos and in some articles, the value of some old coins is said to be in millions and crores, but this information is not true. Some people do this to increase views on their channel and increase traffic on their websites. But through our article, we will always going to give you true and correct information related to coins. So friends, support us because it takes a lot of hard work to make a post and when you give us support, then our confidence boost up and the motivation remains. So, lets begin the article without wasting time. Today we will be talking about , Two such coins of 50 Paise coins whose face value is 1 rupee but their market value is more than 1 lakh rupees. These are such 50 Paise coins whose pictures are also rarely available on social media and in reality it is very difficult to see these coins.

Basic Background of these Most Valuable 50 Paise Coins:-

The concept of 50 Paise denomination started only year 1950 onwards, when the decimal series monetary system was implemented in India. Because before 1950-57, the monetary system that was followed even in British time was called Ana series, in which half Rupee denomination coins were in circulation, so the main point to understand is that in the anna series, there were 16 annas in 1 rupee, so half of 1 rupee was called 8 anna or half rupee but not 50 Paise. According to the decimal series that started in 1957, there are 100 Paise in 1 rupee, so the half of the rupee was named 50 Paise denomination.

We got to see the first series of 50 Paise Definitive Coins from 1957 to 1963. 50 Paise coins of this series are known as 50 new Paise. 50 Paise coins of 1960-1963 were issued from Bombay and Calcutta Mint and mostly you get to see coins of these dates because they come in scare category but the most rare coins among them are two 50 Paise Bombay mint coins of year 1957 & 1959 coins. These two 50 Paise coins, which comes in Extremely rare and most valuable, among all Republic India Coins. Both the coins were only issued by Bombay Mint.

Detailing of 50 Paise 1957:-

If we see the Obverse side of the coin , we get see the Ashoka Lion Capital, both of it’s side भारत & INDIA is written in Hindi and English legend. Now, if we see the Reverse side of the coin, you get to see Denomination 50 in digits in the center of the coin, above that रूपये का आधा भाग is written in Hindi Legend , below 50 नये पैसे and year 1957 is written Below Date you can see a small Diamond mint mark which signifies the coin is minted by Bombay mint.

Physical Specification of the 50 Naye Paise Coin:-

Composition- Nickel

Weight-5 grams

Diameter-24 mm


Thickness-1.67 mm

Edge- Reeded Edge

Price Value of 50 Naye Paise Coin:-

YearVery Fine Extra FineUNCMint

So, Friends That’s all for today Article, I hope Information Provided in this Article will be Beneficial for for you.

Where / How to Buy Old Coins:-

Please buy coins only from trusted platforms like Coinbazzar.com , Numistra.com. Where you get the assurance of 100% original. Do not buy from websites that do not have proper knowledge of coins and notes collection like Snapdeal, Shop Clues. These website sellers are selling fake coins at low price by putting pictures of original items, but when you got your item then that item is fake and made in china. They import these coins from China and sell them on Snapdeal Snapdeal and other platforms. You can spot these Fake items on Alibaba.com and AliExpress.com. Please don’t waste your hard earned money on these fake coins. Please be aware and buy the item only from a trusted source.

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