So friends, do you also have such coins of 2 Rupees and want to know which are coins ,that can get you a very good price. So in today’s Article I am going to tell about one such rare coin of 2 Rupees, which can bring you a very good Amount and along with this I will also tell you how you people can get these rare coins and where you can sell them?

So friends, before starting this Article, let me clear you one thing that some people on YouTube are telling the value of such 2 Rupees coins is between 7 crores to 8 crores, but there is no such amount of 2 Rupees coin. There is not even a 2 Rupees coin whose value is in crores. And all such videos are fake videos, you do not have to trust such people. But there is definitely such a coin of 2 Rupees, which is rare in today’s time. These type of 2 rupees six gram coins were started from year 1992. and in 1991 no coin of 2 rupees was issued. So friends these coins were made in the initial years 1992 to 1996 only by Indian mints i.e. Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad and Noida Mint. But friends, After 1997 these coins were also issued by many foreign mints, like Pretoria, Seoul, Royal mint, Llantrisant and Moscow mint, So friends, to identify the mint marks of all the mints, I am giving this chart to you guys.

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Indian and Foreign Mint Marks

2 Rupees Coin Detailing:-

From 1992 till 2004 these 2 Rupee coins were composed of Cooper-Nickel metal. After that, From Year 2005 these 2 Rupees coin were start to composed in steel metal. On the obverse side of the coin you get to see, the Ashoka Pillar and on both the sides भारत & INDIA written in Hindi and English Legend and here you can also see सत्यमेव जयते written in Hindi Legend below Ashoka Pillar. You can also see The Numerical value 2 below the सत्यमेव जयते and on both the sides you can see रूपये & RUPEES written in Hindi and English Legend. Now, if we see the Reverse side of the coin, we get to see Flag on Map of India and on the right top side राष्ट्रीय एकता is written in Devanagari Legend and on lower right side NATIONAL INTEGRATION is written in English legend. Below the Map , minting date is written and below this you can see a mint mark.

Physical Specification of this Coin:-

Composition:- Copper-Nickel

Weight:- 6 Grams



Shape:- Hendecagonal(11 sided)


Shilpa High Quality 3 Min
2 Rupees coin can make you billionaire ? 3

2 Rupees Old Coin Price / 2 Rupees Coin Value 3 Lakh :-

So, now lets discuss which coins of 2 Rupees are rare. First, 2 Rupees Calcutta mint coin of 2004 is a scare category coin because their mintage count was low. These coin of 2 Rupee 2004 were also issued from Bombay and Hyderabad mint but these coins comes in common category coin. Only Calcutta mint 2 Rupees of 2004 comes in Scare Category. If you want add such 2 Rupee Coin in your collection, than you have to spend 100-200 Rupees. Second Scare Category Coin,2 Rupees 1996 Calcutta mint coin. If you want to add this coin in your collection , than you have to spend 200 Rupees from your Pocket. So, Friends beside these coin there are no such high value coins , which can give you good amount. So, Friends if you also have such old 2 Rupee coins , than keep these coins with you because in future the value of these coins will increase according to time because now these coins seen very rarely.

So, Friends I hope this Article will be Informative for you, if you like the article please like our page and share it with your Friends and Family.

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