Rare Coins of British India (1835-1947)

British India History

The coin those were issued during the reign of British rulers are called Coins of British India and time from 1858 to 1947 is callled British India time and it ended after the India’s independence in 1947. During the British India time so many British rulers ruled on India and issued many coins in different denominations. The rulers of British India time are given below

Different Denomination

One Rupee

Half Rupee

Quarter Rupee

8 Anna 

4 Anna 

2 Anna 

1 Anna 

Half Anna 

1/12 Anna 

1 Pice 

Half Pice 


Featured Rare Coins of British India (1835-1947)

These are featured coin of brtish india. These coins issued from 1835 to 1947 till Independence. These coin minted from two mints Bombay mint and Calcutta mint. Coins from 1835 to 1858 stuck under authority of East India Company and after 1862 coins struck under the Authority of crown.
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Know More About British India Coins

Know about all the coins issued during the time of British India. In which there will be coins of all the rulers from 1835 to 1947, whose ruled our country during the British period.

So we will talk about all the coins that were issued during the time of all these rulers. This is going to be a guide for all coin collectors who would be interested in collecting or getting information about British Indian coins.
British Indian coins were introduced in our country from 1835 and these coins ended after India’s independence in 1947.

So we can also divide these British India coins into two parts.

In which the first part is from 1835 to 1858 which is known as East India Company and the second part starts from 1862 and ends in 1947 and this part is called British Government Raj.

Most Rare Coins of British Indian History

Rare Coins of British IndiaPrice
One Rupee 19395-6 Lakhs
One Rupee 1840 William IV6-10 Lakhs
Half Rupee 18802-3 Lakhs
Half Rupee 19112-3 Lakhs
Half Rupee 187930,000 – 50,000
Half Rupee 188320,000 – 50,000
One Rupee 189720,000 – 50,000

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William IV was born in 21 August 1765 and He ruled on United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1830 to 37. So many coins were issued during his reign under different denomination from Bombay and Calcutta. These coins were made up of silver for general cirulation. Some coins of William IV are rare and some are extremely rare In this blog we will give you complete detais about these coins . So let’s begin.

One Rupee William IV

Denomination  One Rupee  
Issued Year  1835 – 40 
Metal  Silver  
Weight 11.64 – 11.68 grams 
Size 30.5 30.7 mm 

William IV one rupee were issued in 1835 and 1840. In which one rupee 1840 is extremely rare coin. Price of this coins is around 13,00,000 rupees as per the condition.

Half Rupee William IV

Denomination  Half Rupee  
Issued Year  1835 
Metal  Silver  
Weight 5.83 grams  
Size 24.6 – 24.9 mm 
Price  40 K 

Coins of William IV (1835-40)

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