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1 Rupee 1985 International Youth Year| Value-₹80,000

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1 Rupee 1985 Coin Brief History :-

2277 Original
1 Rupee International Youth Year

The United Nation Organization observed the year 1985 as International Youth Year , its main objective was to know the global youth problems and to know their aspirations, the same thing was observed by India as the year of youth. This 1 Rupee coin was launched on 12th January 1985 and from that day onwards, the day 12 January start to observed as “National Youth Day” . The reason behind to choose the Day 12th January was as it is the Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda the Youth Icon of India. In the Year 1985 1 Rupee coin were issued from Bombay, Calcutta and Hyderabad. But among all these Hyderabad mint coin are considered as rare coins and they only have value other than Hyderabad mint all mint coins come in common category.

Physical Details of 1 Rupee International Youth Year :-

1985 International Youth Year Hyd 1 Manmai.coins .Notes 1 1
Hyderabad Mint 1985 One Rupee Coin| Rarest Coin

If we see the Obverse side of the coin we get to see a small Ashoka Pillar Lion Capitol , on both of its side भारत & INDIA is written in Hindi and English Legend, below Ashoka Pillar we get to see सत्यमेव जयते written. Below this you can see 1 in digit and on both of it’s side रूपया RUPEE is written.

Now, if we see the Reverse(Back) side of the coin, you will see a three outlined profiles between dove and olive branch in middle of the coin, which is a Symbol of peace for United Nation and the year 1985 is mentioned above this picture and below year there is a mint mark, which signifies that this coin is issued by Hyderabad mint. Now, if we see above this , than अन्तरॉष्ट्रीय युवा वर्ष is written and below the picture you get to INTERNATIONAL YOUTH YEAR written in English legend.

Physical specification of this coin:-


Metal:- Copper-Nickel

Weight:- 6 Grams

Size:- 26mm

Shape:- circular

Edge:-security edge

1 Rupee 1985 Coin Value :-

MintFine ConditionVery Fine ConditionExtra Fine ConditionUNC Condition
Bombay Mint₹10 ₹20₹30₹50
Calcutta Mint₹50₹75₹100₹150
Hyderabad Mint₹15,000-20,000₹25,000-30,000₹45,000-55,000₹60,000-70,000
Price Detail of 1 Rupee 1985 Coin

Where / How to Buy Old Coins:-

Please buy coins only from trusted platforms like Coinbazzar.com , Numistra.com. Where you get the assurance of 100% original. Do not buy from websites that do not have proper knowledge of coins and notes collection like Snapdeal, Shop Clues. These website sellers are selling fake coins at low price by putting pictures of original items, but when you got your item then that item is fake and made in china. They import these coins from China and sell them on Snapdeal Snapdeal and other platforms. You can spot these Fake items on Alibaba.com and AliExpress.com. Please don’t waste your hard earned money on these fake coins. Please be aware and buy the item only from a trusted source.

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