This 1970 set is having 9 coins. This set issued on the celebration of 25th anniversary of food and agriculture organization. This set contain 1 paisa, 2 paisa, 3 paisa, 5 paisa, 10 paisa, 20 paisa, 50 paisa, 1 rupee, and 10 rupee. This set is issued from Bombay Mint. In this set 1 Rupee 1970 and 10 Rupee 1970 is costly and  both having 90% value of entire set. 

If you are buying loose coins the cost is much higher then full proof set but now these proof set is rare and very hard to find. 

There are two type coins set issued by government in 1970. First is 9 coins set and another one is 2 coins set. You can see both coins set pics below.

1970 (F.a.o) Republic India Proof Set 25Th Anniversary -Sell 1970 (F.a.o) Republic India Proof Set 25Th Anniversary -Sell

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