So, hello friends welcome to our new article, so today we will be discussing about the most valuable coin i.e. 20 Paise Coin, whose value in today’s time is approx. 4-5 Lakh Rupees. These coins, which were made of aluminum brass, were issued from 1968 to 1971, so these coins are the coins of the Definitively Series of general Circulation issued in our country. But friends, today we are going to talk about two such pattern coins of this series, whose price in today’s time is between Rupees 4 lakh to Rupees 5 lakh. So friends, what are the special things that make these coins so much more valuable and where and how are such precious coins sold. So today we are going to share about all these important questions through this article.

Detailing of 20 Paise coin:-

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20 Paise Most Valuable Coin Price 5Lkah

So first of all we talk about the design of 20 Paise coin(all general coins of 20 Paise), so here on the obverse side we get to see the picture of Ashoka Pillar, on both sides of which भारत and India are written in Hindi and English. On the other hand, if we talk about its reverse side, then here you get to see our national flower which is lotus, while on top of it 20 is written in numbers and on both of its sides पैसे & Paise is written in Hindi and English Legend. If you look at the bottom, here you will find its minting year and its mint mark. These coins have a weight of 4.6 grams, diameter 22 mm, and thickness of 1.75 mm and the shape of the coin was round. So, Let me tell you that all 20 Paise coins came in common circulation only in four years, in 1968 these coins were issued by Calcutta and Bombay Mint and in 1969 these coins were also issued from Bombay and Calcutta mints. But in the year 1970 these coins were issued from three mints i.e. Bombay, Calcutta and Hyderabad Mint. But, in year 1971, this coin was issued from only one mint and that mint was Bombay Mint. In all such coins, most of the coins comes in common category, but among these only two pattern coins are extremely rare. so friends, you can tell me which an all coin you are having in your collection and which coins you want to add in your collection.

20 Paise 1967 :-

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20 Paise 1967

So let’s discuss about the two most expensive coins of 20 Paise, they are two such pattern coins which were made in 1967 and 1968, both these pattern coins were put together in an auction, in which the estimated price of this 20 Paise pattern coin of 1967 , was kept between ₹ 4 lakh to ₹5 lakh. 20 Paise pattern coin of 1968, estimated price was between ₹ 3 lakh to ₹ 4 lakh. So first we talk about this 20 Paise 1967 coin, here you will not get to see a lotus picture on the coin and if you see its reverse site, here in the middle you get see 20 digits, it is written big. And if you look just below it, you will find 20 Paise written in Hindi as well. On the top of the coin रुपए का पांचवा भाग was written in Hindi legend. At the bottom of the coin, minting year 1967 is written and below this year you can see a diamond mint mark, which signifies that this pattern coin was issued from Bombay Mint but friends the design of this 20 Paise 1967 coins was rejected , so these coins were not seen in common circulation and there mintage count us very less that’s why these coins are extremely rare coins.

20 Paise 1968:-

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20 Paise 1968

After that in the year 1968, 20 Paise pattern coin was prepared by Bombay Mint, in which the picture of lotus was made for the first time and at that time such an idea was presented that our national flower, national fruit, national bird and national animal should be painted on the coins of 20 Paise to ₹ 1 of that time. However, only on 20 Paise coins, the national flower lotus could be found. If we see the Obverse side of the coin here you will get to see Ashoka Pillar, on both sides of which भारत and India are written in Hindi and English. On the reverse side we will get to see A lotus blossom with the denomination 20 written in digits above and on both of its sides पैसे & Paise is written in Hindi and English Legend and you can see the year 1986 is written below the Lotus and a diamond mint is also seen below the date.

How to Buy Old Coins :-

Please buy coins only from trusted platforms like . Where you get the assurance of 100% original. Do not buy from websites that do not have proper knowledge of coins and notes collection like Snapdeal, Shop Clues. These website sellers are selling fake coins at low price by putting pictures of original items, but when you got your item then that item is counterfeit and made in china. They import these coins from China and sell them on Snapdeal Snapdeal and other platforms. You can spot these counterfeit items on and Please don’t waste your hard earned money on these fake coins. So, we are sharing a list of counterfeit coins. Please be aware and buy the item only from a trusted source.

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