Hello Friends, Today we will going to give you Complete details of one of the rarest 5 Paise Coin of Republic India. So exactly which 5 Paise 1984 is a rare coin and which coins are the common ones? So, to get full knowledge about this extremely rare coin read the full article, which is going to be very informative for all of you. The year 1984 was the year in which such a 5 paise coin was issued which became one of the rarest and the costliest 5 paise coin of Republic India.So how to figure out , which 5 Paise coin are common category coins and which 5 Paise coins are rare category coin, these all details will be provided in this article.

High Value 5 Paise Coin| Rare 5 Paise 1984 Satyamev Jayate | Shocking Price Value

In 5 paise coins mostly we get to see Aluminium,Magnesium Coins in different different designs. Aluminium 5 Paise coins were starts in the year 1967, these coins were issued from the year 1967 till the year 1971.

Old 5 Paise 1972-1984 Details:-

Untitled Design High Quality 22 Min
Image (1) :-5 Paise 1973 Coin

First of all lets talk about the 5 paise coin of 1973 as shown in the picture above. This design coin were issued from the year 1972 till the year 1984.What is the identity of these coins, you should note. On the obverse side of these coins you get to see that Ashoka Pillar lion variety , you will see the Large lion variety or Fat lion Variety and the most important point to note here is, below the Ashoka Pillar you can not see the सत्यमेव जयते written. Both these points you can noticed in the above image given.It is also very important to pay attention to the physical specification of these coins. Standard weight of these coins is 1.5 grams and the thickness of these coin is 2mm.

Untitled Design High Quality 31 Min
Image(2):-5 Paise 1985

Now, lets talk about the 5 Paise coin issued from the year 1985 till the year 1994, which comes with the minor changes. In over all look these coins look similar to the older 5 paise coin, but if we see the Obverse side of the Coin carefully, you get to see the small lion variety in Ashoka Pillar Lion Variety, by which you can easily differentiate with the old 5 Paise coin of 1973. Along with that we can see our national moto सत्यमेव जयते written below the Ashoka Pillar, which was not there in the old 5 paise 1973. The weight of these 5 paise coin were reduced to 1.0 grams and the thickness ia also reduced to 1.5 mm If you have clearly understood these all points , then it will be now easy for you to differentiate among these coins.

Untitled Design High Quality 21 Min
Image (3) :- 5 Paise Coin of Calcutta mint Year 1984

Now lets talk about the 5 Paise coin of year 1984 which is the rarest coin.You must have noticed that the old 5 paise 1973 and new 5 paise 1985 coins were in the transition phase from 1984 to 1985, ie, when the design was changed, it was seen during the same transition phase in 1984 itself that the rare 5 Paise was issued only from Calcutta Mint coin as you can see in the image(3) .This coin appeared somewhat in a design which has some features in it, of old 5 paise 1973 and some feature of new 5 paise 1985.So let’s understand them in a better way. Year 1984 issued 5 Paise coin, obverse side you get to see small lion variety in Ashoka Pillar and a satyamev jayate moto below the Ashoka Pillar, which you get to see in 1985, 5 paise.

Now if you are carefully understanding each and every facts, then a question will definitely come in your mind that, if the obverse and reverse design of this coin is exactly similar to the new 5 paise 1985, than why this rare 5 paise is not included in the new 5 paise category. How is it different from the new 5 paise? So this is because, of course, the design of this rare 5 paise is similar to the new 5 paise, but if you understand its physical specification as well, then you will understand why it is so. So, now let’s understand the physical specification of this coin. The weight of this 5 paise is 1.5 grams, thickness is 2mm and the diameter of this coin is 22mm , which is exactly similar to the Physical Specification of old 5 Paise 1973 , not the new 5 Paise paise , thickness of which is 1.0 gram. So now you must have been clear that how,this rare 5 paise has mixed features of the old 5 paise 1973 and new 5 paise1985.

Physical Specification of 5 Paise 1984 :-

Weight:- 1.5 grams
Thickness:- 2mm
Diameter:- 22mm

Conclusion :-

So on the basis of facts, it comes to the conclusion that a new 5 paise die strike was done on the old 5 paisa planchet, which gave it a unique 5 paise variety, due to which this 5 paise coin has the same weight of thickness as the old 5 paise but if we see the obverse side , you will get to see small lion variety and Satyamev Jayate below Ashoka Pillar is like new 5 paise coin. 5 paise coins of this variety are very useful, due to which they come in the rare category in today’s date.

Important Points to Note:-

  • Small Lion Variety
  • ‘Satyamev Jayate’ Below Ashoka Stambh.
  • Weight-1.5 grams , Thickness – 2mm
  • Year – 1994
  • Mint – Calcutta

Price Value of this Rare 5 Paise 1984 Coin :-

The Price of this 5 Paise Coin starts from 1500 Rupees – 3000 Rupees according to the condition of the coin. I hope information provided in this Article will be knowledgeable for you. so that’s it for the today’s Article see you guy’s in the next article .

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