British Indian coins from 1835 to 1947 detailed information. Coins of East India Company 1835 William IIII, Queen Victoria 1840, Queen Victoria coins from 1862 – 1876 and after that Empress Victoria 1877 – 1901. King Edward VII 1903 -1910 coins. George V king & Emperor 1911 to 1936. George VI king & Emperor 1938, 1939 to 1945 and last 1947 coins were in with british India.

Note – Some Images are used in this video are from todywallaauctions. Full credit goes to todywallaauctions for the pictures. The uniform coinage of East India from the year 1835 to 1858 were also characterized by their unique designs. For example, on the obverse, the effigy of King William or Queen Victoria with continuous legend and divided legend were used.

Other notable features of these coins were the presence or absence of privy marks or initials and the use of different diameters in same denomination, depending upon mints of issue. The imperial issues of British India coins had inscriptions of the ruling Victorian Queens and Kings of that time on the obverse – Like Queen Victoria, Edvard VII, George V and George V!, in that order. Post independence, in August 1947, there was a transition period and the first set of republic India coins was issued in 1950.

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