William IV History, Coins, Mints and Price

Short History

William IV, born August 21, 1765, was the third son of George III and Sophia.At the age of 13, William became a officer in the Royal Navy. In 1789, he was made Duke of Clarence. He retired from the Navy in 1790. William succeeded his brother, George IV.On the 28th of June 1830 the death of King George IV placed him on the throne.He ascended the thrones of Great Britain, Ireland, and Hanover as King William IV on 26 June 1830, and was crowned on 8 September 1831.

William IV

King of the United Kingdom

In 1833 the Assay Master of the Calcutta Mint, James Prinsep, prepared and submitted a project for reforming the weights and measures of the coins of British India to Lord William Cavendish Bentinck to the Governor General in Council. This was adopted in November 1833. The Governor General Sir Charles Metcalf passed the Act XVII on August 17, 1835.

William IV Coin’s Detail

Circulation Made for Normal Circulation
Time Period 1835 to 1840
Face Value One Rupee
Type East India Company Rupee
Weight 11.66 g
Diameter 30.5 mm
Shape Round
Metal Used  Silver (.917)
Mints Bombay and Calcutta mint

Coin Price in Rupee’s

Year Mint F V.F XF UNC Remark
1834 UNKNOWN *** *** *** *** This Coin is Only a Parten Coin
1835 Bombay 2200 2600 3500 10000 No initial at William Neck, Bombay mint
1835 F Calcutta 2300 2800 3800 12000 F Mark at William Neck, Calcutta Mint
1835 RS Calcutta 2400 3000 4000 15000 RS Mark at William Neck, Calcutta Mint
1840 Calcutta 5Lacs 7Lacs *** *** This is Very Rare Coin

Find Mint Mark

If you see no initial at neck mean’s your coin is Bombay Mint

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