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Topic of this Video is “Rare 8 Anna Coin Complete Information | British India Coin | Rare George V Coin 1919 – 1920 Price.” This Video is complete information about 8 anna coin. This coin is issued in George V King Emperor in British India time period. 8 Anna coin is issued in copper nickel metal and issued in two years 1919 and 1920 from Bombay and Calcutta mint. 8 anna coin is a very valuable and best collection item coins of india ,8 anna coin 1919 is having very low mintage and total 340000 coins is minted from both mints Bombay and Calcutta mint. 8 anna coin 1920 coin is also having low mintage only 1 lacs coins are minted only from Bombay mint only and it is the mist rare coin in 8 anna. British india coins are very good coins for collection purpose and having vest good rate of return. British india coins book are also available in market to get best knowledge from these books. Make your British india coin collection at super lowest price in india from coinbazzar website and app. Coinbazzar is india best numismatic app and website. In this video we are also sharing estimated british india coin value of 1919 and 1920 coin. Get list of coin in video. 8 anna coin 1919 price is around 5000 to 10000 value in rupees. 8 anna coin 1920 is very rare British india coins of india and very hard to get. In this video– 8 annas 1919 value 8 anna coin 1920 price 8 annas in rupees 8 anna original coin india 8 annas 1920 price 8 anna india 1920 ब्रिटिश कॉइन 8 आना की कीमत जाने। 8 anna price in India. Rare 8 anna coin value in India Rupee. 8 anna coin price. Highest value coin of George V king Emperor of eight anna coin. king george 5th coins value,8 anna 1919 value,8 anna coin 1920 value,eight anna coin value india,8 anna price,half rupee coin value,rarest coin of 8 anna,8anna price in hindi,8 आना,8 आना का सिक्का,8 annas coin value 1 lakh,8 anna 1920 price, most expensive coin of 8 anna. British India Coins are some of very valuable and rare coins that are not easily seen in normal time. So if have that coin then preserve these valuable coins of india. Subscribe to our channel and get every british india coins list, details and price. We love British India Coins and promote british india collections

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    Thank you sir for the valuable information given by you o am having 8annas 1919 in my collection

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