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Sell old Coins

Sell Your Old and Get best rate. Get best out of your old coins and notes. Yes you can sell your old items online but not at unrealistic price. Its not possible to get 1Lacs rupee for a note. So kindly put only realistic price. Otherwise your post may be remove from this website. Kindly grab knowledge about this field of coins and note if you want to successful in this field. So Keep in mind to follow this YouTube to get knowledge about old coins notes price.

This Platform is launch because you are demanding alot for selling your antique items so that why we launched this new platform only for you seller. Kindly Signup as seller and then list your item online. also its now only one time work you have to continuously learn about coins and notes and learn about there details and accurate prices.
We are very excited for your new journey. But kindly please don’t except lot of money for single coins and notes. you can definitely make 1 lacs per month but for that you have to study alot for this field and we can help you in becoming successful seller.
Soon we will upload videos about how to list your old coins and notes online on this channel so subscribe and get knowledgeable videos.

Buyer Contact Number

you don’t have to worry about buyer contact number because you have to sell your old coin online. While selling online you have to just post your coins online and just relax and wait for your order and once you got your order just dispatch it.

Old Coin Genuine Buyer

All buyer are Genuine old coin buyer because they already paid before you dispatch your order. That why selling online is best way to sell your old coins and notes. So go to The Collectors Point website and sell your old coin and make ton of money.

223 thoughts on “Sell Your Old Coins Directly to Buyer. Get Our Contact Number Real Price Real Video Genuine Buyer

  1. Payal Jha says:

    We have 2 coins of 1 rupee coin 1985 with H mark. We want to sell these coins at right market price.

  2. Dhanuj says:

    I Have East India Company Coin Half Anna.. Of 1835..this Is 185 years old rare coin.. That I want to sell for best price.. I want to Sell.. But I can’t make registration I can’t pay Anything.. If You Want Coin.. Then Contact me plz.. 8105195417 message me in Watsapp

    • Sathish Kannan says:

      I have one repee note 1985 &staring serial Num 6JV 86……. I want sell that note for good price . My cont Num 8056387123

    • Ganeshshankar says:

      I have Old 1 rupee,2Rupee,5rupee And Old Coins As Well foreighn coins & Notes Iwant To Sell All The Above Pls comyact

    • Tayyab Sayyed says:

      I have Huge Collection Of Old Coins And i Also Have One Rupees and 5 Rupees Notes…Intrested People can Contact me….Only WhatsApp 7796213773

    • Bikash dey says:

      I have also EAST INDIA COMPANY coin Half Anna of 1818…so buyer can call this number +91-7002056944.

  3. N JAYARAMAN says:

    N JAYARAMAN from thamelnadu. Please sir. Ian. Euro. 50cant. 2002 1999. 2coinreade your RS. Details. But. Madhavi shnava Devi coin. 5rs. 20Coin your RS. Details All coin seal

    • Mithun Jadhav says:

      I have 1 ruppes and 2 ruppes note signature of shashikant das. I want to sale in these note at right market price

  4. Ajinkya Kadam says:

    I have 5 rs 10 rs Mata Vaishnodevi Shrine Coin
    5 rs Tractor notes
    10 rs notes
    5 rs Indira Gandhi
    5 rs Vallabhbhai Patel coins
    100 rs 786 series note
    1 rs Ahluwalia notes
    2 rs rare notes
    5 rs Diamond Mark coins
    5 rs mint coins
    For Coin Video
    Dm Me – 8779234275
    I have many coins

  5. parshanth. k says:

    im selling notes contact me i have 1rupes notes 2 nd 5rupes nd 2rupes notes available im selling that notes

  6. Rajesh kumar says:

    I Have one ANNA & two ANNA (1940). That I want to sell for best price.. I want to Sell.. But I can’t make registration I can’t pay Anything.. If You Want Coin.. Then Contact me plz.. 8124488177message me in Watsapp

  7. Kiran Dodake says:

    I have 1 rupee note 2 rupee note and other indian coin.. other countries coin lihave sell them.

  8. JAYAPRIYAN says:


  9. Dhanalakshmj says:

    I have 50 numbers of 10 rupee coin containing matha vaishnavi devi’s picture. Please tell me the value of that coins

  10. Aman says:

    I have old coins and notes one ruppes 2 rupeeand 10rupeeand one paise 5 paise 10 paise old coins. Wnt to sell.9289246474

  11. sonusuthar1729 says:

    Mere pass 1 rupee me 2 note h
    Phla note -s venkitsramanan, note number- 88L 290651
    Dusra note – gopi note number – 24B 480805

  12. lilly says:

    i have ancient saudi arabian coin, and kerala ancient anna (with palace symbol), and other 35 coins from 1935-1999

  13. Veeragopi V says:

    I want sell my Indian old coins
    I have lot of coin collection 25 paisa, 50 paisa and 1 ruppue coin year 1969 to 1990 and one more canada 1 cent coin year of 1999.
    my contact Number : 7010107263

  14. John says:

    I want to sell my old indian Notes & coins.
    I have Old 5 rupees note back side tractor…3 notes …
    Contact me call or whatsapp 9176717674.
    One rupee coins sine 1982 & 1985 & 1991
    More notes coins available,.

  15. Balamurugan says:

    im selling notes 1rupees notes and
    2 rupees tiger photos and satellite photos notes available thank you

  16. Bala Muruga says:

    I have a brand new condition 5 rupee note with the serial number 93G 389786. Contact me on my email. Also have a brand new 100 rupee note with all 1LF 55555

  17. Bala Muruga says:

    I have a brand new condition 5 rupee note with the serial number 93G 389786. Contact me on my email. Also have a brand new 100 rupee note with all 5 Serial number 1LF 55555

  18. Bala Muruga says:

    I have a brand new condition 5 rupee tractor note signed by I.G.Patel with the serial number 93G 389786. Contact me on my email. Also have a brand new 100 rupee note with all 5 Serial number 1LF 55555. Signed by Urjit Patel.

  19. ABHILASH R says:

    I have 5 rupee note with tractor and fancy number 786. If you are interested contact me on 8907282291

  20. Jayaram says:

    I have 1Rs & 5Rs old note and to many old coins ..any one want to buy pls contact me on my email..

  21. Rehana SMukadam says:

    I have 5rupee note with tractor photo at the back and Mahatma Gandhis photo in the front. Serial no 34E 516302

  22. Kishore says:

    I have multiple
    1 Rupees notes of different years from 1971 – 1992
    2 Rupees notes
    5 & 10Rupees notes
    Also 1 Rupees coins.
    Contact @9444177708

  23. Bharath says:

    I have 5 rupee with tractor and 786 ending note. which has been in the locker for more than years!!!! for how much can i sell it?

  24. Upendra says:

    I have many old coins 5p,20p,25p,50p,1rs,2rs,5rs,10rs,notes are also available what’s app me 8096506179 looking for a good buyer


    I have 5 rupee Note with tractor if any body want to buy contact on my number 7006617158

  26. Ranjit sinha says:

    I want to sell aprrox. 50 notes in the same series of Rs.5 tractor wala.
    Kindly contact me 8652023888

  27. Trinath Bhatra says:

    Mera pas 5rs tractor not hai
    Hanuman coin hai
    10rs old not hai
    1rs old not hai
    1,2,3,5,10,20,rupee coin hai
    One ana coin hai

  28. Tapan maji says:

    I have a brand new condition 5 rupee tractor note signed by Bimal Jalan with the serial number 05E 299756.Contact me on my email and ph no.8016982984.

  29. nitin says:

    I have one 10 paisa coin(1973)
    ,one 20 paisa coin(1983),
    one 5 rs note (tractor on back)
    and one 1 re note
    anyone intrested – whatsapp-8279671782

  30. Jigar jain says:

    I have ₹5 old note with tractor
    Quantity-261(including 786no on it)
    ₹1 old note with ship
    Quantity – 200
    ₹2old note with tiger on it
    Quantity- 100

  31. Bhoopendra singh Sikarwar says:

    I have 20 paise coin of 1985 and one is 25 paise coin of 1999 and four other 50 paise coin of 1989 1998 if want you call me on 7354583685 whatsapp

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  37. yudhveersinghtomar says:

    I have a Five Rs Indian Note with Tractor Image and his last three digits are 786..Want to sell this note.. Contact me on 8126664465

  38. Jitendar Kumar Bhai says:

    मेरे पास 1963 का एक रुपया का सिक्का 1954का एक पैसा 1946 का एक धेला पुराने समय का पव आना ओर 1996 का एक रुपया हे
    मेरा फ़ोन 9719748140दूसरा7668032963

  39. nirajkum439 says:

    I have mata vaishno devi coin,25 paise coin and about 34 different coins. buyers can contact me through 8294488988

  40. Santosh Narayan Dhuri says:

    मेरे पास कुछ पुराने सिक्के और नोट बेचने के लिये उपलब्ध है. 9167701615

  41. GMS says:

    Hi..I have very old and rare coins..there are 143, 108, as well as 786 notes related to 1700 and 1800 century. They are what I wanted to sell. I googled your number. Can you help me with this?

  42. Raja says:

    Mere paas out of control ke sabhi contry ke coins hai kya kru kaise sel kru koi bataye mujhe ya no de mai bhej du pic

  43. Sukant das says:

    Mere pass tractor wala 5 rs.boat wala 10.tiger wala 2 rupees.Indira Gandhi 5 rupees.Indira gandi 50 paisa har item ki note or coin scalable hai.Jo Lena chahega contact karsakta

  44. Abhishek Anand says:

    I have 10 rupee old note which back side is ship and another note has back side is 2 peacock
    How to sell these note
    Contact me= 9060301476

  45. Hiren says:

    I want to sell the note of ₹100 which is made by Reserve Bank of India in 2018.
    Call for more information on 9824523736

  46. noman ayub ansari says:

    i want to sale my old and antique coin.i have mata vashnu devi Rs.5 ….25pcs and Rs.10 …1pcs and more

  47. priya.jaybal says:

    Unique digits in the currency
    the number ‘786’ placed at the start, end or in between the digits
    687 (786 in reverse order; placed at the start, end or in between the digits.
    Contact via mail.

  48. Karan says:

    I have 25 Paisa (2) Coins one 25 paisa coin 1975 and one 25 paisa coin 1991 Contact me 93383-30000

  49. sujesh.desai2003 says:

    हमारे पास में पुराने नोट व सिक्के हैं

    • sujesh.desai2003 says:

      हमारे पास में पुराने नोट व सिक्के हैं
      फोन नंबर 7976108021

  50. says:

    I have quite a large number of old coins and notes and wish to sell these. Any one interested may call me in 9999756347

  51. Ankit Jindal says:

    mere pass 1947 se phle ki currency available h or m use sale krna chahta hu, 3paise nka coin, 50rs ka 1870ka coin, 1947 k 1rs or 5rs ka bda coin, 10paise ka gol ched wala coin sb available h, yellow coins bhi available h.
    if any body interested then please contact me on 9034551100

  52. Honey Yadav says:

    I have one quarter anna India 1990 i want to sell any one interested than WhatsApp me 8923027343

  53. pankaj kumar says:

    I have some old coin and also I hv 786 number note of 100,10,5.also I hv 20rs note of 420 if any one interested to buy contct 9646654399

  54. Gabriel Anthony says:

    Dear sir I am Gabriel Anthony I have American France Germany Soudhi and Indian coins collection for sale please help me thank

  55. Babulalsingh says:

    Babu lal singh mere pas 5 ka sikka avr 5 ka not avr 10 ka not avr 20 ka not avr 50 not hay cntekt no 8815931202

  56. Nitesh kumar singh says:

    I have one repee note &staring serial Num ……. I want sell that note for good price . My cont Num 8921010350

  57. Bappa says:

    I have very old like 1917-1985 old coin 100+ and also 20-30+ old note and others country old coin…
    Whats app:-918777091465

  58. Sadasivarao r says:

    I am having republic Indian coins and Indian postal stamps . I am interesting to sell pl con 9491112707

  59. Anoop Gupta says:

    हमारे पास १९ वर्ष के 1और 2 के सिक्के हैं माता वैस्नो देवी के 5 और 10 के सिक्के है 786नोटो की सीरीज है मैं इसे बेचना चाहता हू कृपया मुझे कॉन्टैक्ट करने की कृपा करें मेरा कॉन्टैक्ट नंबर है 7860002229 धन्यवाद

  60. Anoop Gupta says:

    I have old coins 1 2 and vasnomata 5 10 coin 786 series currency I want urgent cell please contact me 7860002229

  61. Kundan Singh says:

    Mere pass 786 ka 4 note hai ₹500 ka tractor wale 12 note Hain ₹200 ka ek 786 ka note hai ₹100 ka ek 786 ka note hai

  62. amol sonawane says:

    i want to sell my rare pictorial iindian coins which includes famous vaishno devi coin, and other major personalities coins who is interested with good price returns pplease feel free for deal on my mail

  63. Tulsi Ram Sharma says:

    मेरे पास दस,पचास और सौ के कुछ पुराने नोट है जिनके आखिरी नम्बर 786 है। मै बेचना चाहता हूं । मेरा मोबाइल नम्बर
    9466923427 है। यही व्हाट्सप नम्बर है।

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